aluminium balustrades

Aluminum Railings - Mielno

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Facade Panels Cembrit Zenit boards - Piła

aluminium railings

Aluminum Railings - Warszawa

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Facade Panels Cembrit Metro - Wrocław

aluminium balustrades

Aluminum Railings - Warszawa

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Aluminum Railings with Balisters



Dear Sir/Madam,

Copal, the biggest Polish producer of aluminium systems for balcony enclosures, terrace enclosures, and aluminium railings, wishes to invite you to become our partners. We believe that collaborating with us will open for you new opportunities in the dynamically developing market.

What is our offer?

- high quality innovative products
- aluminium systems approved by BRI (Building Research Institute)
  and are certified as fit for use on construction
- transparent and attractive pricing and discounts policy subject to our
  turnover and your marketing actions
- comprehensive training courses in the production and installation of our systems
- assistance in creating advertising materials

However, most of all, we would like to hear what your needs are, and what your recipe is for our success!

Please contact us for more detailed information.

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