aluminium balustrades

Aluminum Railings - Mielno

elevation boards cembirt

Facade Panels Cembrit Zenit boards - Piła

aluminium railings

Aluminum Railings - Warszawa

facade panels

Facade Panels Cembrit Metro - Wrocław

aluminium balustrades

Aluminum Railings - Warszawa

aluminium balisters

Aluminum Railings with Balisters


Exhibition system - Poland

The main advantage of the COPAL exhibition / display system is the possibility of using simple and economical joints: self-tapping screw and standard eccentric joints which allow disassembling the construction many times. Curved elements can also be used with these joints, meaning that COPAL display cases, trade fair stalls, or information boards can be adjusted to the individual needs of our clients.
All COPAL exhibition profiles allow using a variety of 4mm-18mm thick fillings.

aluminiowa gablota

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